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Random thoughts and other bits and pieces that for one reason or another I figured would be good to post.

Trackbacks Getting Started

I’ve been looking around or a little down-home information about trackbacks — “what are they and how can I use them kind of staff? The first article I found that made sense in simple terms was a tutorial at reading

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Where am I?

I started this blog in order to get an idea of how wordpress works and see how I like it. After using for awhile I made the move to my own hosted wordpress blogs. is nice for … Continue reading

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WordPress Screen Options

Just learned something a little interesting. Turns out that screen options are stored by account — probably in cookies. I’ll determine that later. What I do know for sure right now is that when I changed screen options on the … Continue reading

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New Blog Started

In my continuing adventures with WordPress I’ve started a new blog Kitchen Counter Gardening.  This blog deals with gardening that can be accomplished in one’s kitchen. This would include such things as sprouting, growing wheat grass, potted herbs, etc. From … Continue reading

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Welcome, greetings, and howdy

Historically I have been posting my blogs on either blogger or anyone of my 100+ websites. However, since a few good friends have pleaded with me to help them on their wordpress sites I figured it was time to jump … Continue reading

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