Learning CSS

CSS is amazing to work with. There is so much that can be accomplished.

However, I think it is only fair to acknowledge that it can be a tricky little bugger to learn. This does not mean that it can not or should be be used. You can and should work with it. Just cut yourself a break and acknowledge that learning CSS is at least as hard as learning to drive a car. Meaning it is non-trivial but worth the effort.

Unfortunately that is only the first part of the story. It turns out that not everyone looks at your blog using the same browser. Some folks use IE 9, IE 8, IE 7, IE 6, Firefox, Chrome, and/or Safari — just to name a few of the more common browsers that are on my mind. There are dozens and dozens of browsers. And, horror of horrors they do not all render css the same.

Learning to create a css style that renders your page the way you want in the browser you happen to use is only the first step. Next you need to look at it in all of the popular browsers and see if it is equally nice — this is called cross-browser compatibility. Sometimes getting your page to look right in all of the top browsers might involve a little enlightened give and take.

Once again, non-trivial but definitely worth the effort.


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Sculptor, Game Designer, Programmer, Musician (bass), Writer, Website Developer, Wordpress Design & Support
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