Where am I?

I started this wordpress.com blog in order to get an idea of how wordpress works and see how I like it.

After using wordpress.com for awhile I made the move to my own hosted wordpress blogs. WordPress.com is nice for getting a feel of wordpress. But, there are so many options that are not available until you have your own hosted wp site. So, I made the leap to my own sites.

I know there are other options such as Drupal, Joomla, etc., etc., etc. But one can not learn the ins and outs of everything. So at the moment I am concentrating on wordpress.org type sites for me and my clients that wish to go that direction.

When it comes to custom web design I still find notepad, html, and css the best way to go.



About gxxaxx

Sculptor, Game Designer, Programmer, Musician (bass), Writer, Website Developer, Wordpress Design & Support
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