Galaxy Website Design is my home site for website design work. This wordpress.com website is a practice/training/experimentation area for mucking around with wordpress.

If you have been working with wordpress for very long you will have learned (hopefully not the hard way) that features offered on wordpress.com are a subset of all possible features. Meaning that there are some things that wordpress software can do in theory that wordpress.com does not let you do in practice.

WordPress.com is providing these blogs as a free service (with practically zero advertising) so it is forgivable if they want to avoid use of features that are either problematic or resource expensive.

To test the full features of wordpress I use WAMP on my home computer. WAMP is Web applications with Apache, MySQL, and PHP. By installing WAMP you can have a fully functional server environment on your computer. This allows testing of Joomla, WordPress, and any other application requiring the php and mysql environment.

So long story slightly shorter, this website is a testing area for learning and working with wordpress.com features.